William Hopson playing an RMA Büchel

The Büchel:
Instrument Description and Price List

The Büchel is an ancient wooden instrument related to the Alphorn. Like the Alphorn, it has a mellow and reverberent tone, but because it has a shorter length it is higher in pitch and somewhat brighter in tone. The most common construction of the instrument is folded twice upon itself like a modern bugel. The tradition of the Büchel remains strong in Central Switzerland. RMA Büchel with an African Bloodwood Bell Ring and a Bell Carving by Doug PaulsNow Rocky Mountain Alphorns offers a Büchel crafted with the same fine playing qualities and attention to detail that is the hallmark of RMA Alphorns. The instrument is constructed from Sitka Spruce, which is wrapped with rattan peel for most of its length. Like its Alphorns, RMA takes particular pride in the visual beauty of the Büchels offered. Purchasers may consider several artistic options, including trim highlights (bell ring, intermediate ring, and mouthpiece receiver knob) made from various exotic and beautiful hardwoods. As well, the Bell Artwork of Doug Pauls is available on RMA Büchels. There is an additional cost for these special options. Please Contact Rocky Mountain Alphorns to for more information.

The RMA Büchel is pitched in the key of A-natural. Because of the higher pitch and the extended playing position of the Büchel, the instrument requires more lip, lung and body strength to play than the Alphorn.

A variety of mouthpiece sizes and styles are available for the Büchel. Smaller mouthpieces similar to French Horn or Trumpet mouthpieces are recommended.

Büchel music is available from the same sources as Alphorn music. Please see the RMA Alphorn Music page.


BÜCHEL: $2350.00 U.S. or $2200.00 Canadian

Package includes Büchel, one mouthpiece and a light canvas case.

Please Note: Prices are in U.S. and Canadian Dollars. There is a 5% Goods and Services Tax on Canadian sales only. A $500.00 deposit is required when a Büchel is ordered. Payment in full is required before a Büchel is delivered. Please make cheques payable to Rocky Mountain Alphorns, sent to the address in the following link:

William Hopson records and performs exclusively on a Büchel produced in his Rocky Mountain Alphorns workshop. This instrument (seen above) is made from Canadian Sitka Spruce with African Bloodwood highlights. The bell of this Büchel is extensively carved with scenes from Swiss folklore.

For those who wish to hear the sound of an RMA Büchel, William Hopson performs a traditional Büchel melody in his newly released CD "The Pastorale Life". The melody, "Alter Muotathaler" (The Old One from Muota Valley) is an ancient shepherds' song. It can still be heard in the Muota Valley every evening after the setting of the sun. For more information about this CD, see The Pastoral Life on the RMA Compact Discs page of this website.

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