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Alphorn Music

Arioso Cover William Hopson has just released a collection of the best solo Alphorn music that he has composed over the last five years. The collection is called "Arioso - Eight Expressive Melodies for Solo Alphorn".

The music is very romantic and enjoyable to play, and is highly recommended for any Alphorn blower with a moderate to advanced technique. The music is published with great attention to musical detail, enhanced by the precise notation of the latest Finale music publishing software. Much of William Hopson's expressive approach to the Alphorn is described in this edition of music.

Six of the melodies are recorded by William Hopson on his Rocky Mountain Alphorns compact discs.

The collection is available in both English and German editions. The program (in English) is as follows:

PRICE: $32.00 U.S. or $32.00 Canadian (GST included). These prices include the cost of postage in North America.

TO ORDER: Please send a check or money order made out to Rocky Mountain Alphorns to the address below. Please note whether you want the English or German edition.

William Hopson - Rocky Mountain Alphorns
1629 Broadview Rd. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3H2

OR PAY WITH PAYPAL: Send me an email telling me the details of your order, and I will send a PayPal Direct Pay invoice to your email address. PayPal is a secure online payment service that takes all credit cards and debit cards.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT: A quantity discount of 10% is offered for two or more copies. A quantity discount of 35% is offered for quantities of ten or more copies.

EUROPEAN ORDERS: You can order "Arioso" music from Hans-Jürg Sommer, Musik Atelier or Fritz Frauschi, Blaser-Atelier.

ALPHORNS CDs: While you are ordering Alphorn music, why not order Rocky Mountain Alphorns CDs? You may combine an order for "Arioso" music with an order for RMA CDs for the quantity discount.

MUSIC FROM OTHER COMPOSERS: As well, many of the solo Alphorn pieces recorded on William Hopson's Rocky Mountain Alphorns Compact Discs are from the A. L. Gassmann "Alphornbüchli"or "Little Alphorn Book", a 19th century collection of the best traditional melodies which belong on the "must have" list for any serious Alphorn blower. Also recommended is the music of composers Jean Daetwyler, Hans-Jürg Sommer, Eugen Fenner, Hans Gehriger and the method books by Robert Christen.

Below is a list of Alphorn music publishers and distributors. McCoy's Horn Library, Editions Marc Reift and Fritz Frauschi's Blaser-Atelier are all highly recommended. Fritz Frautschi offers the widest selection of Alphorn music and is the most knowledgeable about the music that is available. Also, you can order Alphorn CDs and the wonderful music of Hans-Jürg Sommer directly from his website.


McCoy's Horn Library | 3204 West 44th Street | Minneapolis, Minnesota | USA 55410 | Tel: (612) 927-6021 | Fax: (612) 929-6236 | McCoy's Horn Library

Blaser-Atelier Fritz Frautschi | Alte Strasse | 3778 Schonried | Switzerland/Schweiz | Tel : 0041 33 744 58 36 | Fax: 0041 33 744 29 69 | Fritz Frauschi, Alphorn Music and Accessories

Editions Marc Reift | Case Postale 308 | CH-3963 Crans-Montana | Switzerland/Schweiz | Tel: 0041 27 43 12 00 | Fax: 0041 27 43 42 43 | Editions Marc Reift

Hans-Jürg Sommer | Musik - Atelier *HJS | Burgweg 2 | CH-4702 Oesingen | Switzerland | Fax: 0041 62 396 04 28 | Email: atelier@alphornmusik.ch | Musik - Atelier Hans-Jürg Sommer

Music by Charles Conord | Direct order on the website | Di Arezzo

Spaeth/Schmid Blechblasernoten | Jennerstrasse 4 | D-71083 Herrenburg-Kuppingen | Germany/Deutschland | Tel: 0049 7032 35084 | Fax: 0049 7032 35034

CALLING SWITZERLAND AND GERMANY: From North America the country code for Switzerland is 0041 and for Germany is 0049.

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