Woodcut: Alphorn Blower

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Alphorn Groups and Soloists

Cor'Alpes - an Alphorn Trio from France
Mytha - The Contemporary Alphorn Ensemble, from Zürich, Switzerland
Kurt Ott - an Alphorn Entertainer (in German)
Alphorn - Ruedi in St. Gallen, Trio Setteresteg, Trio Säntisblick (in German)
Zuger Alphornbläser - Vereinigung - a Swiss Alphorn Site (in German)
Ticino Alphorns - a Group of Alphornists from Ticino (in Italian and German)
Furioso Romantica - Markus Linder, an Alphorn player and teacher and his Swiss family of fine musicians (in German)
Carlo Torlontano - an Alphorn player from Italy
Pierre Oeuvray - an Alphorn player from Geneva, Switzerland
Salzburger Echo - an Alphorn group in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Amazing Alphorn - Frances Jones, an Alphorn player in the UK
Alpentraum - an Alphorn group in Michigan, USA
Ein Prosit - a Traditional German Band in Michigan, USA
Les Briançonneurs - an Alphorn group in Briançon, France (in French)
Cors des Alpes du Hohnack - an Alphorn group in Alsatia, France (in French)
Alexandre Jous - Cor des alpes, Cor d' harmonie (in French)

Alphorn Schools and Courses

Alphornseminar Diemtigtal in Diemtigtal, Switzerland
The Swiss Alphorn School in Gstaad, Switzerland
The North American Alphorn Retreat, at the Inn at Solitude near Salt Lake City, Utah
The Appalachian Alphorn Adventure in Fayetteville, West Virgina

Alphorn Makers and Sellers

Fritz Frauschi - Alphorns, Alphorn Music and Accessories (in German)
Bernatone Alphorns - Arnold von Allmen (in German)
The Swiss Carbon Fiber Alphorn
Gerald Pot - Alphorn Maker

Alphorn Music, CD and Accessory Merchants

Fritz Frauschi - Alphorns, Alphorn Music and Accessories (in German)
Hans-Jürg Sommer - Composer of Fine Alphorn Music (in German)
Franz Schussle's German Alphorn Website (in German)
McCoy's Horn Library
Music by Charles Conord

Jodel and Dance Groups, and Swiss Organizations

The Swiss Alphorn School (in German)
The Swiss Alphorn School (in English)
The Jodlerklub Heimattreu of Calgary
The Swiss Clubs of Calgary
Enzian Schuhplattler - Seattle
The Edmonton Swiss Mens Choir
Swiss Jodel and Alphorn Festivals
Furioso Romantica - Swiss Family Band Linder (in German)
Salranch Tours - Alberta tours with a Swiss Flavour
The Interior Swiss Club - Okanagan Valley, British Columbia (in English)

Traditional European Clothing (Tracht)

Hans Menzinger - Trachten-Poellmann, in Germany - Traditional German Clothing (in German)
The Virtual Lederhosen Museum
Chiemseer Dirndl und Tracht, in Germany - Traditional German Clothing (in German)
Roos Herrenmode, in Switzerland - Traditional Swiss Clothing (in German)
Ernst Licht, in Pennsylvania - Traditional German Clothing and Imports
Germanwear, in Texas - Used German Traditional Clothing
OktoberfestHaus, in Minnesota - Traditional German Clothing, Beer Steins, Cuckoo Clocks, etc.

William Hopson - Family, Friends and Colleagues

Jim Hopson - Trombonist and Teacher (and son of William Hopson)
Jim "the Reverend Hopper" Hopson's Great Jazz/Pop/Dance Band "Ten Souljers" in Vancouver
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Mike Hope - Symphonic Vocalist
The Swiss Clubs of Calgary
The Jodlerklub Heimmatreu of Calgary
Martycultural Art by Martin Machacek

Other Interesting Websites

Daily Kos - A Political Blog for North American Progressives
International Horn Society
Royal Antwerp Hunting Horn Society
Cigar Cases by Rocky Mountain Alphorns
Mount Assiniboine Lodge

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